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charbon kemit

The products of kemit ecology

charbon cubic

cubic size

this size is 6 mm of length, 6 mm of high. It is a form which enable the customer to transport his coal easily but also weighing it easily.

charbon cylindrique

Cylindrical form

This size is 6 mm of length and 2 mm of high. It allows householders to carrying it easily and burn extremely well.

Poudre de gommage

Kemit charcoal powder

This powder of ecofriendly coal is a particular one using in cosmetic to clean faces. It removes easily pimples, eczema, acne, comedowns and other disgraces imperfection in the face. It helps to uniformed the skin and give a total moisture even after four hours.

Differents packaging

sac 15 kg de charbon

5 kg bag

sac 15 kg de charbon

20 kg bag

sac 15 kg de charbon

40 kg bag

Nous vous donnerons bientôt les differents points d'approvisionnement en charbon kemit. Pour le moment vous pouvez vous approvisionner en vous rendant à kemit ecology sis à Bonapriso bois de singe ou tout simplement appéler l'un des numeros disponibles sur le site

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