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Nowadays , in many African cities , it has become frequent to see piles of household waste almost everywhere , be it on the streets , in front of houses , even besides the garbage allocated to them . To think that the least clean space available attracts waste and in a context of rapid urbanization this waste is generally burnt openly and causes pollution. In activity in Cameroon since 2014, we have developed an innovative process to convert household waste into ecological coal , which is an effective way to solve the problem of access to good sources of energy .

This has also contributed to reduce the level of pollution , deforestation and destruction of mangroves caused by the production of firewood . It is important to note that mangroves play a crucial role to protect the coasts from erosion , animals and purify the air . The wastes mainly used in the process are mainly peels of plantains , sugar cane , corn , collected by a team of five persons everyday in the local markets of the town of Douala . The waste is then converted into green coal , which doesn’t emit smoke and hence is not harmful . For the moment our production amounts to two tons of coal per month and we plan to increase production to a hundred tons in the upcoming months . This coal is two times cheaper than the traditional coal and is much more powerful .

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