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Cameroon waste to fuel

Concerning the drying process , tons of maize leaves are exposed to sunlight to absorb

the moisture they contain and drying using the natural sun . A part from the maize leaves we also use banana and plantain peels , sugar cane and cassava residus which undergo the same process . Rice husk , palm rusk and grass are also used .

Kemit Ecology is contributing to fight against climate change by producing ecofriendly charcoal. In fact 1 kg of MEGAECOFIRE is helping to preserve 1.665 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The mega ecofire ecofriendly coal is a non toxic product , which is derived from the wastes

stated above . It burns quite well and even more than the traditional charcoal . It doesn’t blacken the pots , doesn’t produce any smoke and is a powerful alternative energetic solutionto fossil fuels which are more expensive to the local people . This product also contributes to the reduction of deforestation,fights against climate change , it is more affordable than the other forms of energies in the market .

Participation of Kemit Ecology to 22nd conference of parti in Marrakech

Initiative climat Marakech

Exposé sur les enjeux de la production du charbon vert dans le contexte Africain dans la perspective de reduire les émissions des gaz à effect de serre et de promovoir une gestion rationnelle des massifs forestiers pour un climat plus doux

Initiative climat Marakech

Remise de tropée Initiative climat à la cop 22 à Marakech au Maroc

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