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Frequenly Ask Questions

  1. FAQ1: how do kemit ecology process is environmental benefit?
  2. ANS1: first of all, collecting all the raws materials is helping to clean towns and cities, avoid uncontrolled burning and bad fermentation which cause air pollution and deseases, then, during the pyrolysis stage, smokes are converted to be reuse to dry other raws materials.

  3. FAQ2 :What is the main environmental benefit of Megaecofire?
  4. ANS2: The main advantage of Megaecofire is that it doesn’t emit any smoke, so help to fight against climate change when consuming.

  5. FAQ3 :Is it really possible with the raise fund to increase the capacity production from 2 tons up to 20 tons per month?
  6. ANS3: yes, actually the main problem is a rotary drying machine capable to dry five tons of wastes per hour, and also a compactor briquetting machine capable to produce one tons of Megaecofire per day. That is why the amount of money to be raise will serve to buy locally those two mains importants equipments.

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